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Dublin Marathon

November 2010 – Our good friend Gio has run the Dublin Marathon in 4hrs 15mins, what a fantastic time!  We are extremely proud of her achievement and she raised at least £765.00  for Georgina’s Gang.  A very sincere thanks goes out to Gio and we will bring you some photos shortly!  It isn’t to late to add to that figure jsut click on the donate button, just before the marathon Gio said;

“I remember the last 4 miles of the London Marathon this year far too clearly. Every foot strike was agony, I daren’t stop to take off my trainers to look as I knew I wouldn’t restart. When I got to the end and stumbled around to Horse Guards Parade I then found I couldn’t actually bend my legs to sit down. I stood for another 40 mins waiting for my family to turn up to help lower me to the ground to remove the trainers to reveal some wicked blisters!! And you ask why I am doing it again in Dublin?”

“It’s for a very special girl, Georgina! You all know about the charity, it’s there to make sure that Georgina has everything she needs so that Ian and Tania can focus all their love and attention  on her and Jessica.  My London experience is meant to make you feel just a little bit sorry for me and give more money J. I don’t have to train in the winter for this one, but my 16 week training plan starts next week, so please dig deep – it’s a really special charity and I am really chuffed to be able to help Georgina’s Gang!”

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