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We at Georgina’s Gang are now focusing our fundraising efforts to purchase a much needed specialised profiling bed for this brave young boy Josh. We would like you to take some time to read a bit about Joshua and hope you can help us make this happy young boy become even more independent. The few pictures below show how much he has had to endure but he is still full of happiness, let’s help him continue along this path.

Josh was born with a very rare condition called Hemimegalencephaly (literally “half big brain”). This means that the left hand side of his brain didn’t develop properly and is of little or no use to him – the right hand side of his brain has to try and do all the work. The condition almost always results in serious epilepsy requiring surgery to avoid life-threatening seizures. Josh has had two brain surgeries at Great Ormand Street and also had to go through double hip surgery in 2014 to help him to walk.

Josh’s mum says: ‘The bed that Josh needs will provide him with a completely safe and comfortable environment. It will lower right down to ground level so that he can independently get out of bed, and it will raise right up to adult waist height so that we can change Josh safely and comfortably. It will have safety panes in case he has a seizure, but also bars at a higher level for him to pull up on, to help with his ongoing challenge to stand and walk unaided. This bed will completely change Josh’s life, and ours. He absolutely loves to stand with help and so being able to get in and out of bed by himself will be a huge step in his progress. We can’t wait to see how this everyday activity improves his development’.

Email us at georginasgang@gmail.com if you think you can help, or alternatively call 07781 116675 – we hope to see you all at Round Table Xmas Fayre on 22 November at Beau Sejour 10-4pm xx

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