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Georgina, 2008 aged 11

This web-site has been set-up by the Guernsey charity Georgina’s Gang (Guernsey Charity number 316). The initial aim of the charity was to raise awareness re Niemann Pick Disease Type C, raise funds towards medical research and to help a local girl and those in a similar situation in the Bailiwick.  Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC) is a devastating, incurable genetic condition and is so rare that currently there *is just a single case diagnosed in the bailiwick with approximately 80 cases in the UK and 500 cases worldwide.  The local girl is Georgina Pearce, our much loved girl who was diagnosed with the condition in 2008, when she was 11 years old.

*Georgina passed away in October 2016, please continue to read about the charities wishes and help us to keep Georgina’s name and memory alive in assisting others and doing her proud.

The name Georgina’s Gang was chosen by Georgina Pearce’s younger sister Jessica, then 8. The charity was the idea of some very dear friends of Georgina. Their first project was intended to take the pain and worry out of the additional expense of building nursing premises and purchasing the specialised equipment that Georgina needs as her condition deteriorates. It allowed her parents Tania and Ian to concentrate on ensuring that the family enjoyed their lives to the full. Tania and Ian cannot express their gratitude enough for such kindness.

They would like to make it known in no uncertain terms that they would like to build upon the success of the charity and keep Georgina’s beautiful face at the forefront of minds by raising funds into medical research and helping other NP suffers. Locally they want to help others in a similar situation.  They are determined to repay the kindness shown.  Our Georgina’s Gang motto is ‘Treasure Every Moment’.

It was the express wish of Tania and Ian in setting up the charity that a proportion of the funds be donated regularly to the Niemann-Pick Disease Group Uk in aid of research into a cure for this, and other similar diseases.


Georgina & Jessica, 2008, 11 & 8 years old

Georgina & Jessica, 2008, 11 & 8 years old